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Demron by RST - Advanced Protection Against Today's Nuclear Threats

MIAMI, Dec. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Radiation Shield Technologies (RST) proudly marks over two decades of innovation with Demron, a unique fabric designed to safeguard frontline personnel, including military, nuclear industry workers, emergency response teams, Hazmat Teams, firefighters, law enforcement, and medical workers.
Radiation Shield Technologies Logo (PRNewsfoto/Radiation Shield Technologies)
Radiation Shield Technologies Logo (PRNewsfoto/Radiation Shield Technologies)

Demron is a groundbreaking blend of advanced nano polymer technology and metallic properties, offering superior protection against gamma radiation, physical trauma, and heat. In today's world, where the threat of nuclear incidents has become increasingly prevalent, Demron's role is more critical than ever. Its ability to reduce gamma radiation exposure is vital in nuclear attack scenarios, providing essential protection for first responders and aiding in disaster management. Demron's technology is specifically engineered to address the complex challenges posed by nuclear threats, enabling users to operate safely in high-risk environments.

Comprehensive testing results, demonstrating Demron's effectiveness in nuclear threat scenarios, can be accessed at: Test Results

The Demron product range, including full-body suits, vest, blankets, and shields, is designed to meet the diverse needs of those facing nuclear hazards.

Visit for detailed information, or contact us at or (866) 7DEMRON for further inquiries.

RST remains dedicated to evolving Demron technology, ensuring optimal protection in the face of growing nuclear risks.View original content to download multimedia:

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For more information, please visit: or call (866) 7DEMRON.

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